Server Rules
​updated 2/8/19
 These rules are in place to help maintain a healthy PVP Community.* ​​


Welcome to DINOMITE Ark Servers!
Owner: Killins (DaButcher)
Server Admins: Killins, Veni, Jimmy, Luno, Stoopid, Charon & Boognish
Discord Admins: Veni, Jimmy, Stoopid, Chilly & Vintorez

General Behavior Attitude
We really are glad to have happy players! But if you convince us you would be happier
somewhere else by verbally attacking the server or admins, we will help encourage you to find
somewhere else with a friendly ban. Please remember that having a cooperative attitude to the
rules works better for everyone than arguing with or trying to go around them.

Speech & Names
Don’t spew derogatory (e.g. racist, sexist) language on the server. Please don’t spread rumors.

Insiding, Bullying, and Raging
Insiding will get you banned. If your tribe splits off one or members let them take their fair share.
Don’t bully or threaten anyone on the server. Smack talk is allowed. Threatening that someone
will get banned if they don’t change what they are doing, threatening to throw a tribe mate out
repeatedly, etc is just abusive. Don’t be abusive. Anyways, rulebreakers are handled by admins,
not players.

No impersonating admins in any capacity. No impersonating other tribes. Players have a right to
get admin comments directly from an admin.

No griefing is allowed in any form. This is a pvp server; but you shouldn’t make people's life hell
without reason. Admins may rule excessive, repeated, and/or hostile actions to be a form of
griefing. Similarly popcorning items in now against the rules. It is up to players to prove to the
admins that popcorning happened. If we don't have conclusive evidence (in our eyes) we won't
take action against them. Lastly, missing loot you expected to find is not conclusive evidence.
People can hide stuff. Please note sniping passive tames in the open isn’t considered griefing
on it’s own, there are other factors that are taken into consideration such as what kind of tame it
was, how many, and where they were.

Over-encumbering Tamed Dinos
Do not over encumber a dino by grappling to it while you have an excessive amount of weight
on you due to the fact you’re wearing a backpack from the donation station, we are aware of
how much weight a player can put on themselves if they put every point into weight. Any player
breaking this rule will be subject to an immediate ban.

Abusing Glitches
No abusing glitches of any form. If you find one, talk with an admin about it. In particular, please
do not clip structures on a platform or a raft through another structure. Further, some mod
effects are clearly not intended. Don’t take advantage of them without asking first. Significant
abuse will result in an immediate ban.

PvP Rules Open World
Everything outside the confines of a base and outside the warzone in an active raid counts as
the open world. Dinos in a non-enclosed dino pen are considered outside the confines of a
base, unless the base has raid protection and said dinos are behind signs.

Raid Rules
After the first 3 days of the wipe date, raiding may begin. You may raid up to 3 tribes in a 24
hour period. A raid is removed from the raids you have done based on when you finish it, not
when you start it. Repeat raiding of much weaker tribes will be considered griefing.
This server considers raids to be an attempt to get goods inside structures at a base. Being
sniped at base, picked up and carried away, having dinos get killed from a distance, etc do not
count as raids. Unless both raiders and defenders gree otherwise in public in game chat, 12
people may take part on either side of a raid. (Total 24) This includes non-allied participants
joining in the fray. Raid as you want to be raided. Don't wipe someone and then cry about being
wiped yourself. Do not wipe a base completely unless you are looking to take over the land they
have built on. Structure spamming is not allowed in a raid by either side. Attackers and
defenders may have up to 2 fobs for their side at once. If a fob needs moved, remove the beds
from it and disable turrets to mark it as being deconstructed. Only one fob may be in excess
deconstruction phase at a time. Rebuilding structures is not possible within a radius of a
destroyed structure for 5 minutes. All fobs and structures placed in a raid must be picked up
when the raid is over. Begin doing so as soon as you announce that you are finished raiding.
Once you announce the raid is over the defending tribe must allow you to remove the fob, if they
don’t provide the admins with proof that they continued to attack you after you announced the
raid was over, you may leave the fob up if they continue to attack you after announcing you are
done raiding.

Passive Dinos
Passive dinos do not have special protections on this server. But the status of the dino is
considered when looking at griefing. (Aggressive dinos are less significant than passive ones).
Put your dinos in an enclosure to avoid them getting sniped.

Raid Protection Rules
New Players, and Tribes that surrendered or took extremely serious damage during a raid at
their only/main base may request raid protection for up to 5 days at the discretion of an admin.
This consists of signs placed around a base warning players that they may be banned for
attacking whatever is behind the signs. Only a single base maybe protected at a time and no
stuff from another tribe may be in that base during raid protection. Furthermore, protected tribes
may not raid. If you are comfortable raiding, you don’t need protection. Lastly, by making a
comment in tribe chat, taking down the signs, and personal messaging an admin in discord you
may end raid protection early. Tribes may move the signs or bases during raid protection. They
may not change their tribe name, protect more than one base, land grab with the signs, or post
anything other than the text on discord on the signs. (You can copy paste). You must take signs
down when raid pro is up. Raid protection does not apply to open world. You may PvP but if you
attack someone first they may follow you back. If they attack you first, getting to base is a
successful escape. Boats are not considered bases and will not be given raid protection. An
enclosed dock area however may be. Boats may be destroyed during the building period.

Building Structures
Tribes are allowed 2 land bases and one water base (may be on the shore). More will be
considered spam. We do not allow spam unless its edible and served in the Hawaiian fashion.
No undermeshing intentionally. No structure Glitching. No unreasonable structure spam.

Platform Saddles
Platform saddles may have one ramp, otherwise no building down. The driver and riders must
be shootable and pick-up-able by flyers, drivers and riders can not be covered, no more than 1
wall high around the driver or rider and no more than 3 walls around the driver or rider. We may
kill dinos in violation of this rule and ban repeat offenders. Please ask if you think you have a
clever build or don’t know if it's in the rules. It just takes a screenshot. Only up to 2 manned
turrets are allowed on platform saddles. No raid dinos or rafts that block turrets from shooting at
the driver. You can park them outside turret range as a FOB if you so choose. In other words
you need to tank turrets while raiding! No using structures to get around that. Tek Shields,
Teleporters, Transmitters and the like are not allowed on platform saddles, dinos or on rafts
being used to raid.

Floating Structures
Floating structures of any kind are not allowed under any circumstance. This includes but not
limited to bases, turret towers, fobs, and dino pens.

Turrets are only allowed at bases and fobs. Anywhere else will be considered random. If you
are assisting an ally attack or defend a base the tribes owning the fobs and the base should
place the turrets. This is to prevent confusion. You may not put auto turrets of any form on a
platform saddle. Boats are ok. Turret spam is not allowed because it causes lag, you may have
a few hundred; but if it causes problems an admin will ask you to take a few down or will remove
them themselves.

Other Structures/Spam
You are not allowed to spread structures outside your base to prevent fob placement, resource
respawning, or dino spawning. You are not allowed to leave teleport shacks around the map. If
you have a temporary one (say for life’s labyrinth) and take it down it’s ok IF you take it down.
You must take down taming pens. Admins will if you don’t. Repeat offenders will be warned.

Tribe Rules
Tribes may have a maximum of 8 players, and you are allowed to have 1 ally per tribe with you.
Ally ORPs cannot overlap, but you may build near each other. Shields from different tribes
should not be stacked either. Each tribe is allowed 2 bases on land, and one base in the water
(or bordering the water). You will be asked to remove excess bases and small shacks that do
not function as bases. Should it be necessary for a tribe to split. The leaving members are
entitled to a reasonable fair share of goods. The majority of players should keep the base.
Leaving players should get most of their dinos, some of the bps (not necessarily all the best or
only the worst) and crafting structures to help set up a new base. Raid pro is lost when merging
into a tribe without raid protection. Raid protected tribes may not be merged into. Further allies
and traders need to stay outside their base for the duration of raid protection. Storing goods for
an allied tribe will nullify your raid pro. Pretending to have it will get the admin to oversee a
surrender of your base. Each tribe has a 240 tame limit per tribe to help mitigate lag. There are
ways to bypass this cap such as cryopods and vivariums. Each tribe may have a maximum of 3
Tek Forcefields total, with an additional 4th allowed for a fob. Going above this limit will not be
tolerated and an admin may ask you to remove one, or they may to it themselves if you refuse.

Getting Admin Help and Donating
You can get admin help in game or in discord. Please type instead of using voice and be direct.
You don’t need to ask if you can ask a question. We may be busy and we may be waiting to get
you at a time we are both on. The admins do run a PvE trading post on the server. It sells dinos
and sometimes resources for other in game items. Donations can be sent via paypal to
[email protected] Please include your in-game name with the donation.
We give small rewards to donators. $10 is worth 1000 coins (double the week of donating, 1000
per wipe for three months after). Coins can be used to buy blueprints, items that increase carry
weight while equipped, and dinos. All donator items can be obtained through raids or taming
wild dinos.

Banned Base Locations
Bases may not be built to block significant resource spots, obelisks, artifacts, or bosses. Also,
do not block cave/underwater loot drops. There should be a good safety zone for people to get
the above listed significant items.

The Island:
Volcano and Icebergs.

Scotland Crystal Cave 19.8 78.8
Snow Crystal Cave 37.5 59.2 and 40.0 62.7
Pfifer Plateaus Cave 85.0 51.1 and 84.5 52.5
Unnamed Death Sand Caves 78.9 78.5 and 77.0 82.0
Glacier Cave - Several Entrances around 30 34
Waterfall Crystal Cave 55.1 55.6
Jungle Metal Cave 35.4 24.1

Extinction : The top of the skyscraper in the city. (It is too close to the death barrier.)
The Center: No blocking off ANY access to the underworld. You may build inside it as long as
you don't block the artifact. No covering the entire floating island in turrets. That's just spam. No
building turrets in the jungle cave at 26, 65.

Aberration: No building on choke points/roads in ways that prevent easy passage along major
routes, especially in between biomes. If someone has to travel a long distance to avoid your
base turrets you are doing it wrong.

**These rules are subject to change at any time. These rules are subject to discipline at the discretion of the admins. We can not guarantee that these rules will not be broken. If you are considering leaving the server because a rule was broken, please talk to an admin first.