Ragnarok - WIPED 5/10/19
  Aberration - WIPED 5/10/19

Server Wipe 5/9/2016

Wipe as of 5/9/2016. The developer of our stacking mod yanked the mod from the workshop causing a unrelated file to corrupt within the game.  While some servers (very few) have been able to recover, we were not able to. Four Admins worked on this day and night for nearly 30 hours, we have done all we can.

We apologize for this. All current mods are clean mods, meaning they do not affect the core coding, so we should not experience this again.  We will be providing all players a starter kit over the next 48 hours. This kit will include a metal pick and hatchet, forge, smithy, 80 walls, 20 foundations, & 20 ceilings. Just see an admin for this kit. Once the 48 hours is over, we will no longer offer this package.