Ragnarok - WIPED 1/12/18

About Our Server

Channel name = KILLINS MY BIZNES


Thank you for considering Dinomite as your next ARK Server. We strive for fair and equal play. No admin abuse. You can browse this site for information and help. We keep the server updated at all times. Admins are very active and players are very helpful. We do not have scheduled wipes, we only wipe the server when we feel it is absolutely needed. 

Interested in donating? Check out the donation page!

When you join our Teamspeak, it will appear to be empty. Just let an Admin know via global chat in game that you need verified. Once verified you will be able use teamspeak and who is online. 

To request a tribe channel, or for any and all issues concerning Teamspeak or the ARK server, you can join the "Help Needed" channel, and an Admin (if online) will be with you ASAP. You can also poke the Admin in TS to request assistance.  

Ragnarok Server Rates
  • Max Level Player - 200
  • Max Level Wild Dino - 150 +200 Levels (plus 75 levels after tame highest possible 425)
  • 30 x Egg Hatching
  • 25 x Dino Maturing Rate
  • 10 x XP
  • 10 x Tame
  • 10 x Gather
  • 1.5 x Faster Night
  • 2 x Slower Day
  • Third Person Enabled
  • Map Location Enabled
  • Weight 1.5
  • Crosshairs enabled
  • Gamma enabled
  • Autodestroy Structures enabled
  • ORP - This is the clean Mod and not the in game feature.                                                           

Ragnarok Mods
  • Structure Plus
  • ORP Mod - This is a CLEAN mod. 
  • ARKAIC SERVER MOD ( donation station)
  • Admin Rifle
  • Reusable Plus
  • Death Helper
  • Pet Finder
  • Super Spyglass
  • Resource Stacks
  • Automated Ark
  • Speed Saddles

                                                                                                                                                                      Dedicated Server Stats
E3-1270v5: The latest from Intel: Skylake, with even more memory and a larger SSD
Intel Xeon E3-1270v5 processor (four physical 3.6ghz cores on QPI + hyperthreading + turbo->4ghz)
64 GB DDR4-2133 ECC memory 1000 GB SSD 40000 GB of bandwidth transfer Able to host around 300-350 connected players at once

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